Entry #4


2017-11-18 21:15:39 by sonic354

Since I'm creating a youtube channel and possibly doing it full time soon I think I need to clarify my history here and on Youtube in general. 

I had known about Youtube I think since I was 7 (2007), I remember going on a website with dark greyish or black layering and watching a embedded Youtube video and trying to watch a Youtube Poop in my sisters room as only she had the computer and after watching it I got in trouble or something. I don't remember what exactly happened. I know it was the famous "zelda" youtube poop, I dont know what video it was. I'd like to think it was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHRRhUKaWes but it probably wasn't. 

The problem with this is my memory about this is murky, although its a 50/50 chance of that memory being real and not made up in my head. 

Two years later in very early 2009 after my sister moved out my mom finally rented a Computer. I have a memory of browsing Super Smash Bros videos and etc because I was a huge Nintendo fan back then. I also got hooked on YTP's. After like 2 months or so the computer was taken away because of "financial reasons" and I  remember reciting the Youtube poops in my head because it was so funny to me. 

I also have memories of using newgrounds as well probably around 2007 or 2009 and watching Super Mario Bros Z and this one traumatizing flash video of this stoner forcing mario to eat a mushroom then mario killed him. I don't know why but I was upset over it. 

After that my mom got a PC back around late 09 - Summer of 2010 that was rented and when it was payed off it'd be an actual computer. But yeah, I remember then finally going back on Youtube and binge watching everything I could find. I don't remember anything other then in late 2010 I was compelled to make a youtube account. My mom didn't want me to make a YT account and I then just made a Newgrounds account. and I called it sonic354. 

I used to go on this chatroom on a youtube channel you may've heard of, supermariologan. OKAY... WAIT. BEFORE YOU JUDGE I WAS 10 AND HIS CHANNEL WAS ALOT DIFFERENT BACK IN 2010 THEN IT IS NOW.. So what made it unique is that his youtube channel was a chatroom, like commenting and then replying to comments on his channel page, it was kinda cool. I still have contact with some of the people from that chatroom to this day.  

In April of 2011 I created "utramariobros" because I was braindead and I didn't know how to fucking spell, I made videos similar to what Logan did. Except that I was 10 and only knew how to film with a flip camera. only 3 of the videos I recorded then survived to this day and I have it but i'll reveal it in a future video. I had amassed 100 subscribers, but then my family members had found out I made a youtube channel and saw the chatroom I was in. So around august to early september they deleted my Youtube Account. I was very upset at this.. But around September I finally created the channel I have today "theultramariobros" (i finally knew how to spell correctly). I then created shitty videos where one unboxing video got 11,000 views which was a hit for me. 


Anything past this point isn't that interesting. this is basically just a documentation of what I did back in the ole days of the internet. 


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